Styling Vintage Modern

Fashion lovers all over the world are becoming more and more interested in buying used and vintage clothing. Even more so now that sustainable fashion has become a topic of interest. For one reason or another, many of us still are hesitant to buy and wear used/vintage clothing. I often hear people say things along the lines of “makes me look frumpy” and “looks like I’m wearing a costume” or “I never can find anything on trend”. What I am going to tell you are some tips and tricks to make both shopping and styling vintage a little easier.


The easiest way to style vintage to look modern is to buy garments that look like current trends. Most design houses have vintage archives they pull from for inspiration. Wearing vintage that resembles a current trend helps to avoid the feeling of looking costume-y. Put a list together of seasonal trends that you would like to see in your wardrobe. Thrifting can be overwhelming and exhausting, if you have a list it makes it a lot easier to stay focused on what you are actually looking for. Keep in mind some pieces are easier to find than others and will take time to find.


“Vintage clothing makes me look frumpy,” that statement is simply not true at all. Depending on the era size and fit may be a bit off from what your use to. If you fall in love with a vintage piece that doesn’t quite fit, don’t be afraid to spend the extra money to have it taken in. You can always have the piece nipped and tucked to fit you perfectly. Here is a great example, I love the modern retro prints on 60’s dresses but the cut usually is not right for my body type so I shorten them for an instant modern look. Another quick fix, when you thrift the perfect “mom jean,“ chop them so they hit just at your ankles and throw on a pair of ankle boots and BAM your mom jeans are instantly modern.


Pairing your vintage clothing with a modern shoe, jewelry, bag, or sunglasses is another easy way avoid feeling dated. This also works the other way around, when your wearing new clothing and you pair vintage accessories with your look. Even when wearing head-to-toe vintage, accessories included, it is possible to accessorize in ways that make your outfit seem more relevant. Mixing eras can, surprisingly, have the same effect as blending new and vintage pieces.

The tips and tricks above are just a few ways to help you incorporate vintage clothing into your wardrobe. By wearing vintage you can ensure your look is truly unique and one of a kind along side helping our environment.


If you are interested in help with personal shopping and/or styling both vintage/new clothing please reach out to me at

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